What Is Exactly Clickfunnels? Does It Worth It?

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Looking To Try Clickfunnels?
Here’s What You Need To Consider Before You Do

If you aren’t sure if Clickfunnels is the right solution for you, I wanted to answer a few questions that are a bit more advanced and that you don’t see answered on other websites to help with your decision.

Ok, let’s get started.


Is Clickfunnels A Website?


Clickfunnels is a complete marketing solution that helps entrepreneurs and business owners improve their message reach and improve conversion with proven marketing templates and tools. So it’s not a Website on it’s own, but it will allow you to easily build your own website with no coding or designing.

Clickfunnels Software Review

Clickfunnels SEO

Unfortunately SEO is not one of the strong points of Clickfunnels. For some reason google does not like the Clickfunnels domain.

You can just select to have your own domain for your online business, but you may be better off doing a mix of SEO juice and Clickfunnels for the best combo of free traffic (organic) and high converting sales funnels.

Then How to do clickfunnels SEO?

There are two ways to integrate SEO in the Clickfunnels estrategy. Let me briefly describe the ones that I am familiar with:

  1. Using a custom domain under clickfunnels, and optimizing onpage SEO: In this case, all on page seo, keyword within text and backlinks structure would be similar as a regular page.

Problem is that the code of Clickfunnels is not as optimized for search rankings, as WordPress is, because it has a similar blog estructure, which looks good in Google´s eyes.

  1. Using a custom domain in a WordPress site, but using the Clickfunnels wordpress plugin. It allows you to integrate Funnels previously created in your Clickfunnels application.

It imports the estructure and voilá, you have your funnel integrated into WordPress, easily.

Clickfunnels Is It Worth It

Clickfunnels or WordPress?

Is Clickfunnels Worth It


Clickfunnels and WordPress are used for two completely different things: first one is used for building Powerful and converting sales funnels, while the latter could potentially do the same with a lot more work, but it is more oriented toward blogging, news sites and forums.

WordPress comes with more options to customize UI/UX, more plugin options, and flexibility in general.

It is recommended for more blogging and home page-sites, implementing SEO and organic traffic estrategies to rank for keywords.

Clickfunnels is a sales funnel builder. But that is not a full definition, as it is also a complete  e-commerce platform for info products, opt-in pages, e-commerce pages, and more.


Clickfunnels Success Stories

In the short Clickfunnels history (4 years on the Market), it has converted many entrepreneurs in millionaires. This would be hard to accomplish for the old-school page builders.

It has a separate groups of users, called the “Two Comma Club” in which people who surpassed the $1,000,000 in sales, congregate sharing their success stories and developing towards escalating their business even further with support from other self-made Clickfunnels millionaires.


Clickfunnels Subscription


Although it is not the cheapest of the solutions out there (their pricing plans start at 97 USD/month), it is the easiest and most converting marketing solution out there.

Did I mentioned that there are success stories in that 2 comma club award from people that were broke and became millionaires in less than 5 months?

There are not many cases out there that match this speed.

Clickfunnel currently has two plans, the regular Clickfunnels plan and the full Etison Suite plan.

Both plans feature the ClickFunnels Software. The Etison Suite furthermore includes access to Actionetics (their very own e-mail advertising and marketing software program application) in addition to Backpack (associate program software).

There are some limitations on the fundamental ClickFunnels account:

  • It is limited to 20 funnels (you can archive those old funnels that you do not use).

  • Max 20,000 website visitors monthly (all of your funnels share this regular monthly quota, nevertheless added site visitors allocation rolls in advance up to particular limitations).

  • Limited to 100 web pages amount to (the 20 Funnels can consist of a consolidated total of 100 web pages).

Both versions use ClickFunnels for 2 weeks completely FREE. While on the test period, you’ll have unlimited access to the plan you choose.

You can register for your free trial on the following (super hidden) affiliate link:


Is Clickfunnels Worth It?


As with everything in life, it depends on how much you can get out of it. It is an amazing tool, if you know how to use it. What makes it super powerful, is that it is super easy to set, configure and get running with a few clicks. That is something that other builders out there just don’t offer.

Apart from the software itself, the Clickfunnels community also provides numerous courses and guides on how you can make the most out of it, whether you sell your own products or you use it as an affiliate, getting people to sign up for the application. There is a Facebook group and a lot of videos from the Funnel Hackers group as well, which is content that Rusell and people from Clickfunnels constantly upload to support all the funnel builders out there.

So, if you are ready to put in the work and learn how to make the best out of it, this is a tool that deserves for you to try it out.

As mentioned before they offer 2 weeks trial for FREE. In fact, if you sign up for the trial clicking the button below and following the steps, you get our new BONUS PACK with the most converting funnels.

You can sign up to a Free Clickfunnels Two-Week Trial to test this tool for yourself by clicking on the link below.


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