DotCom Secrets Book Review


What is the “Dotcom Secrets” book?

And Why You Should read it even if you don´t do “online biz”.

We are about to talk dirty Marketing here.

Not really….

Russell Brunson Dotcom Secrets

Instead, we will talk about Buyer’s Psychology, Direct Response Marketing, People Congregations, Story Telling,  and of course, Sales Funnels.

Don´t be deceived by the book title.

I know it sounds salesy, but it´s because we are talking about the work from a successful marketer as Russell Brunson.

Who Is Russell Brunson? And Why Should I Care? Is It Really That Succesful?

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Russell Brunson has been in the Marketing trenches for more than 30 years. He has been obsessed with Direct Response Marketing since he was twelve years old.

All this started when Russell saw an infomercial on TV about a guy who would teach anyone how to make money through Direct Response Marketing. At that time, he asked his father for money to take this course.

Can you imagine taking a course on Direct Response Marketing at 12 years old? Imagine applying these techniques for more than 30 years.

There is more information about Russell Brunson in “What is exactly Clickfunnels?”, where I also talk about one of his best products, Clickfunnels.


What is Direct Response Marketing?

According to Techopedia

“Direct response marketing is a type of marketing that elicits a specific, measured response resulting from a consumer’s direct response to a marketer. Direct response marketing facilitates the delivery of a call to action and outcome via direct or online interaction for immediate feedback and response.”

Or in other words: Trying to get people to buy after reading your Copy.

What Russell did in these years and teaches in this book is Direct Response Marketing applied to the Online Businesses despite their size or niche.

This relates to having a ground basis for a successful Online Business.

What he teaches in this book worths more than $25,000 which is what he charged for a Business Consultancy at the time of writing this book. To add to the numbers, his current inner circle program is worth $50,000.

For Big Online Businesses this is the best investment if they have the money. For the rest of us simple mortals, we can read this book instead, take notes (which I strongly suggest) and ACT.

Remember that Action is as important as the Plan.


Look at the Dotcom Secrets Funnel Video, in which Russell explains what´s all about:


Ok, so here is my Dotcom Secrets Review.

Although I don’t have an extensive Internet Marketing books reading list, I got two recommendations from totally different friends (one was from California, and the other from Canada, with completely different backgrounds too).

They both recommended me this book, so I thought to give it a read. Boy, it was good.

Since the beginning, you can tell it presents good value, as it has a foreword from Dan Kennedy, who is big and renowned Internet Marketer.

All the book is written as a personal dialog. I love that Russell is talking to you as a friend, plus including all the clever drawings that explain the described Sales Funnels.

All the funnels explanations are straightforward and there is no specific previous knowledge to have beforehand. This is it’s the strongest point.

The book can be read by any person out there if they don’t have a current online business or even if they don’t plan to have one. But I highly recommend this reading mostly because it shows how to do successful sales online.


Did I mention that Russell was a marketer?

Well, he also promotes his software for creating Online Sales Funnels at the end of the book, which I personally use and recommend, you can check more information on this post.

All the golden knowledge throughout the book is applicable to any business. The book comes with lots of brilliant examples from Russell vast consultancy experience in 7 and 8 figures businesses.

He even made a Funnel for Tony Robbins for its last books:


A brief list of the Dotcom Secrets Chapters (as you can see, I highlighted even the first page):


Dotcom secrets or expert secrets first?

This is often the question once you start diggin’ Russell Brunson’s ideas and start devouring everything as he has another book, called “Expert Secrets”.

I started with Dotcom secrets and then started with Expert Secrets, which is the order they were published, and what I recommend. 

Is There a Dotcom Secrets Ebook?

No, you can get the kindle version on Amazon, but I highly recommend having the paper version.

In the Dotcom Secrets page, you can claim your free copy, just by paying shipping which is only $7,95 (the kindle version is even more expensive).

I cannot stress enough how important is to have the paper version so you can highlight, write and underline ideas or important stuff. The book itself is full of golden nuggets.


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